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Type Rating Conversion



After you have gained your helicopter licence many people choose to convert onto a different type of helicopter. Many people choose to do this for more passenger seats or to upgrade from a piston engine helicopter to a turbine engine helicopter. Helicentre have all its fleet approved on our EASA ATO allowing us to conduct helicopter type conversion courses in an approved structured way.

A helicopter type rating course lasts for a minimum of 5 flying hours on most types of helicopters. Ground school is also included and a ground exam must be passed before taking the flight test. The ground exam can be sat at Helicentre and we have an on site examiner to conduct the Licencing Skills Test (LST).

Once you have gained an additional type on your licence to keep it current you need to fly a minimum of 2 hours on that type in the previous 12 months and pass a Proficiency Check (PC).