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About Helicentre

At Helicentre we have been involved in aviation for over 16 years. We provide commercial and private helicopter training as well as charter, surveying, helicopter sales and management. With bases at Liverpool John Lennon International Airport and City Airport Manchester (Barton), Helicentre is well placed as the leading training provider in the North West.

Helicentre own Kingmoor Aviation (AOC No 2208). This allows us to provide commercial helicopter work including charter and aerial filming to the highest standard fully complying with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations. We operate a large fleet of piston and turbine helicopters, and with our professional helicopter pilots and experienced ground staff we can perform operations swiftly and to the highest standard.

Meet The Team


Capt Jon Rayner

Managing Director / Head of Training / CFI / Flight Examiner / Chief Pilot

CPL(H), FI(H), FE(H), TRE(H) R22, R44, R66, S300, H500, B206, B505, EC145, EC120, AS350, Brantly B2

Capt Mike Jones

Flight Instructor

CPL(H), FI(H) R22, R44, R66, EC120, A169 


Capt Michael Moylan

Flight Instructor/ Commercial AOC Pilot

CPL(H), FI(H) R22, R44, S300, AS350

Capt Paul Tucker

Flight Instructor / IR / Commercial AOC Pilot/ Safety Manager

CPL(H), FI(H) R22, R44, EC135, AS350, AS355

Carolyn Bennett

Operations Manager

Tracy Shannon

Deputy Operations Manager

Dan Lewis

Operations Assistant

Explore Our Fleet


SEATS 5 VIP or 7 High Density
RANGE 600 Nautical Miles
MAX WEIGHT 5225 lbs


RANGE 304 Nautical Miles
MAX WEIGHT 2500 lbs


RANGE 280 Nautical Miles
MAX WEIGHT 1370 lbs

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Helicentre is to provide a helicopter service to the highest standard.

• To train private and commercial students exceeding the required standards.
• To provide a first class helicopter charter service with a modern fleet and highly trained flight crew.
• To always put safety first.

Helicentre’s Vision

At Helicentre we have ambitions to become one of the largest and most professional Helicopter training and charter company in the United Kingdom.

• To expand the business and have multiple bases around the UK.
• To become the leading commercial helicopter training facility.
• To expand our fleet with more piston training helicopters and multi-engine turbine helicopters.
• To become the most desirable company for flight crew employment.

Helicentre’s Values

We have many values. At the highest it is our staff’s welfare and helicopter maintenance.

• Our team work, both ground and flight.
• The quality of our fleet of helicopters. Both maintenance and cleanliness.
• Our modern working environment for our staff
• Our customers experience.

Helicopter Management

Making owning a helicopter simple.

At Helicentre we are professionals at managing helicopters.
Using our expertise makes owning a helicopter simple while maximizing the potential of your aircraft.

The services that Helicentre provide are below,

Licensing and documentation Maintenance advice
Pilot services
Aircraft handling
Financial guidance

As well as these services Helicentre can optimize the use of your helicopter by leasing it for training and charter.
This contributes towards the maintenance and running costs.

Please call Helicentre on 0151 448 0388 for more information.

Our Bases


Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon Airport is the main operational base for Helicentre. This is where the majority of the aircraft and pilots are based. The airport boasts many facilities that won’t be found anywhere else. This includes multiple radio navigation beacons, full Air Traffic Service (ATC) including primary and secondary radar assistance, 24 hour customs, 24 hour handling, category 7 fire service and separate helicopter landing strip and training area.

Our facilities are first class. We believe that a comfortable working environment is one of the key features to success. Everyone in operations has a designated desk and each helicopter commercial pilot / instructor has their own private work space for planning and briefing.

Manchester City Airport

Helicentre also has a base at City Airport Manchester. Situated in uncontrolled airspace beneath the Manchester Control Zone. City Airport & Heliport is a busy general aviation airport located in the City of Salford.

Open to the general public, there is a hive of aviation activity from flying lessons, private and business flying.

There are plenty of events too for all the family!

Heli Air Manchester